New York

'New York Is Gone'
We all know how it goes here in Grand Rapids and West Michigan: "The world is coming to an end!" and "We will get 400 inches of snow an hour!"
It's kind of nice some place other than us was getting all the snow hype!
Rob Bliss Video: Harassed Woman
You know the old adage: men are pigs. It’s a blanket statement and certainly not true of all men, but this video shows we have a long way to go when it comes to respecting the fairer sex.
Stevie Nicks' Polaroid Selfies
Stevie Nicks was a huge role model, blazing trails for women in rock and roll.
However, did you know she also may have helped blaze another trail, that of the photographic selfie?
An exhibition of Polaroids from Nicks' career indicates she was taking selfies long before they were cool.

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