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SNL’s Norm MacDonald Tells a Crazy SNL 40 Story About “Celebrity Jeopardy!” and Eddie Murphy
SNL episodes are hard, often frenzied work, so you can imagine the sort of time and dedication and stress that went into the SNL 40 show, which featured new and former cast members along with several guest stars. One of the highlights of the three and a half hour event was the return of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” with Norm MacDonald, Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond reprising their iconic sketch roles alongside fellow SNL stars, including Kenan Thompson doing a hilarious (and timely) Bill Cosby impression. But according to MacDonald, Thompson wasn’t originally supposed to be in the sketch: Eddie Murphy was.
The Best ESPYs Opening Ever [Video]
The 22nd annual ESPYs were on ESPN last night. You don't even have to be a sports fan to watch and enjoy the ESPY's. Mostly they are an awards show about pop culture with a few sports awards. Wednesday night was no exception.