‘Downton Abbey’ Confirmed to End With Season 6
Set down that saucer of tea and wipe away the crumpets, shocking news lies in store. After six decadent seasons spent at the luxurious Downton Abbey, producers have officially confirmed that the Crawley family will say goodbye. The final episode will air later on this year, but when, your servants i…
Net Neutrality and What The Internet Is Really Good For
I'm sure by now you have heard the term net neutrality -- the idea that the Internet is more like a utility (gas and electric) than just a normal service (cable and tv).
The FCC voted Thursday to keep the internet free.
What does that mean for you, the internet user at large?
Downton Abbey Oops!
Period pieces are hard to pull off. Some do it like champs. "Happy Days" "Mad Men" and "MASH" come to mind. And usually PBS shows do a fine job. Until now.
It Was 40 Years Ago Today…
That WGVK began public broadcasting in West Michigan! On December 17, 1972 four a day programming began on channel 35. Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers Bob Vila and Broadway all started 40 years ago today.