Grand Rapids Getting Organic Brewry
This is pretty cool for the beer drinker. Not that long ago, we were rated the #1 beer city in the US, so this will fit in perfectly.  The new Grand Rapids Brewing Company will be opening soon,  in the former location of MY Bar on the corner of Fulton and Ionia. They will be offering a ful…
‘Rapids’ Could be Coming Back to Grand Rapids
I bet you didn't know what most of the original "rapids" of Grand Rapids were removed in an effort to aid in shipping and factories along the river in the 1800's and up to the mid 1900's...  After the main shipping ended on the river, we had Grand Rapids with no rapids to speak of. So they…
Big Rapids Opens Racist Museum
This is crazy, and it's even in our own back yard - Big Rapids.
This place is loaded simple ashtrays and fishing lures, a full-size replica of a lynching tree. But all are united by a common theme: They are steeped in racism so intense it makes you blush!
Grand Rapids Has Really Changed
Check out this photo of Grand Rapids from 1929 - I have to tell you - then if it wasn't for the Mckay Tower or the Amway hotel, I probably wouldn't have had any clue this was Grand Rapids back in the day.   Seeing as this photo is coming close to 100 years old, it's wild to …
Restaurant Week Coming Back!
This is such a cool event!
It’s Back – Restaurant Week in Grand Rapids and West Michigan November 3rd-11th! Over 70 Restaurants Featured this year with one of kind and unique dining!
Grand Rapids Art Festival is Bigger and Better!
Just Got back from a press conference for the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts...  We should be really proud to have such a cool festival right here in our own hometown.
This year looks to be the biggest ever. They've exapanded the Food area a ton, plus don't forget all the great musi…

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