Bored Guy Annoys Girlfriend While Shopping at Ikea
I know I've been bored when shopping with my wife. As a guy you only have three options, when shopping with a lady. 1) Walk around and carry the things she wants to buy. 2) Find a boyfriend couch and take a nap / check your phone. Or 3) Make annoying jokes in hopes that the shopping process spe…
The Truth About Romance in the Workplace
Valentine's Day is almost here and many of us find love at work, which can be awkward if it doesn't work out.
According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 37 percent of us have dated a co-worker, and a whopping 30-percent of those office romances have resulted in a marriage.
Are Michigan Men Immature? [Infographic]
98.7 WFGR's Craig Russell posted Tuesday about Michigan men being very unlikely to "take a wife", based on a study by Pew Research.
Well now, the Estately real estate blog has played that out further, adding other factors to determine that men in Michigan are the sixth most imm…