Back to School Pics
Summer vacation and the three-day Labor Day weekend are over as students head back to school across Michigan today.
Use the hashtags #btswmi or #btswestmi on Twitter or Instagram with your back-to-school pictures from greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Let's show our pride pictorially about…
Top 5 Things NOT to Put on Your Resume
Well, many of are looking for jobs, or to move on up these days, and Yahoo! Shine came up with a list of five worst things to include on your resume they might blow your chances of getting a job. Here they are in no particular order:
The Greatest Resume EVER! A Must See!
Have you updated your resume lately?  Apparently Eric did.  I would honestly have to say, I would call this genius into my office just to meet him (and to see if he is really the idiot he tried very hard to portray in his resume).