River Powered Rotisserie BBQ
When it comes to barbecue you could sit and watch your meat for hours making sure the meat is cooked fully through. Or, you could rig up a rotisserie using the power of a river and drink beer all day. Your call.
‘Take Me To the River’ by the Talking Heads – Classic Hit or Miss
Believe it or not, this was was written by Grand Rapids own Al Green! In 1976, Foghat made the first recording of the song by a rock band, on their album Night Shift. Two years later, it was recorded separately by Levon Helm and Bryan Ferry on solo albums, and then by the band Talking Heads on their second album More Songs About Buildings and Food.
Lincoln Navigator Discovered in Grand River
Wow, This is a weird story. WZZM is reporting some boaters found a Lincoln Navigator in the Grand River... Looks like it was stolen! Boaters discovered a sunken Lincoln Navigator near the 6th Street Bridge Monday morning. 6th Street Bridge Really? That's like right downtown!  I just walked Across this bridge a couple of days ago! Police say the vehicle was stolen from the Kentwood area in late Jun
Water Almost Over Rockford Dam
I love Rockford. Reminds me of my hometown of Petoskey a little bit. Everyone knows the Rockford Dam and how cool it is... But, if the river had risen just another few inches. OVERFLOW.  Would have been quite the site to see, and could have actually been damaging as well...