Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Is Dangerously Obsessed With Santa on SNL
While traditional live sketches are still the backbone of any given episode, modern SNL is frequently at its best in the pre-recorded segments. The past few years have seen an interesting evolution as the silly “digital shorts” of a decade ago have matured into full-blown filmmaking, w…
SNL Ranked: Ryan Gosling Cracks Up
After taking a bit of a break from acting to make his directorial debut (and to have what I presume is a very adorable baby with Eva Mendes), Ryan Gosling is back. In addition to starring in upcoming films from Adam McKay and Shane Black, the actor is cementing his return with his SNL debut. Gosling…
The Hustle Daily Meme
This is a weird case of Art imitating Life imitating Art. MacCauley Culkin has been a famous actor since starring in all 12 Home Alone movies. Ryan Gosling has been in like 4 movies, and he's a hunk, so say the ladies. And now he's showing up on a t shirt.