Do You Remember Big Sid?
If you lived in or around Standale back in the summer of 1978, you were on the lookout for a 16 foot python (some said 20 foot) that weighed 140 pounds, that might be slithering through your yard!
Man Loses 49K Worth of Poison Snakes
A  man is losing his exotic reptile collection worth $49,000 after cops  found dozens of venomous lizards and snakes in his home - No thanks!
The guy on pleaded guilty to 30 misdemeanor charges of possessing endangered animals and failing to properly label containers of poi…
Man Gets Bittten By Garage Sale Snake
We all love garage sales... and scoring some cheap junk but this guy got a bit more than he bargained for.
A Guy in Pennsylvania bit a guy on the leg Wednesday as he and his girlfriend were driving home from a yard sale!
Snakes on a Train
Yep, you read it right... This actually happened in Vietnam, but still. It appears some guy decided to bring a couple of bags full of snakes on a train.   Yikes!