Food Deals On A Tuesday!
Most of time, when a fast food joint has some kind of cheap or free deal, it's to tie into a "national day" of some sort. "National Ice Cream Day" or "National Cheese Day" or even "Eleanor Roosevelt's Birthday" For som…
Halloween Food Deals!
Just because the holiday is for kids and candy doesn't mean chains can't take advantage of the chance to make a deal and make some money, too. Behold Food Deals on Halloween 2014!
July 23 Is National Hot Dog Day!
One of the great joys of living in Michigan is our collective love of hot dogs! There are plenty of places in this food land of ours that claim to have the best type of hot dogs. Chicago, New York, LA and Cincinnati are just a few places where hot dogs are king...
Free Food Deals Because Craig Cares!
Just because I have refound my diabetic diet and carb counting doesn't mean I still don't love fast food. I just have to be careful and watch what I eat now. And know the carb amounts. And I will still be here to tell you the deals!
Cheap Corn Dogs At Sonic Today!
But the reason why seems a bit off. Maybe in other parts of the country, school starts a little earlier. When I lived in Kentucky, school started on August 9. That's early. Almost a month earlier than in Michigan due to Labor Day. Or maybe it's a southern thing, since Sonic is a big southe…
Tax Day Food Specials
I seem to remember there used to be more food specials on Tax Day. Maybe the marketing people at fast food places are either getting cheaper, or they are realizing people are just going in for the free stuff and not actually buying stuff. Like me.
Tale of Two Food Specials for St. Patrick's Day
Some holidays/national days lend themselves to food specials and giveaways more than others.
Today is March 14, or 3-14 -- Pi Day. Pi is the equivalent of 3.14159265359, which is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. It is represented by the Greek let…

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