Grand Rapids Taxes FALL
Well, it's small, but it's something.
The change in garbage and the  weak  housing market mean you will pay less in taxes next year if you live in the city!
Part of the drop in the millage rate is a result in cuts to the refuse tax...
There’s a TAX App for That
Checking on your refund? There's an app for that! If you're expecting a tax refund from Uncle Sam this year, the IRS has a little download for your smarty-pants phone. IRS2GO lets you check your refund's status. Available for both iPhone and Android in the iTunes app store and Android…
Yep – You Can Tax Anything
And you thought your taxes were bad...
While they may only apply to a limited number of people, or even a single state, a blogger for TurboTax found taxes that are just plain weird.