It Was 35 Years Ago Today….Disco Demolition Night!
I'm a Chicago White Sox fan living in Michigan. It's rough. I see about 35 games a year on TV when the Sox are on Channel 9 out of Chicago. Or on the rare occasion they play on ESPN. Most consistently, I can see my favorite team play 17 times a year. When they play the Tigers.
It’s Tiger Friday At The Whitecaps Tonight!
In more way than one! Normally on Fridays, a former Tigers great is at Fifth Third Ballpark, to sihn autographs and have fun with the fans. And tonight is no exception. Former Tiger great Glenn Wilson will be at the ballpark as the 'Caps take on Bowling Green!
Once Again Advertising Predicts The Future.
Well I dont really know if ads can predict the future, but it IS strange when something predicts the outcome of something. You may have heard the Detroit Tigers have traded Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers. Weird that ESPN might have been a reason the trade was made.
Grand Rapids Business Featured In World Series
The Guys from "Ice Brigade" have put Grand Rapids on the map. First their TV show on the Food Network, and now they are featured at the World Series! Randy Finch and his fellow ice sculptures have been making countless works of ice art for events all around Detroit this week, inclu…
No Parent Should Ever Have To Go Through This.
The Tigers are in the Playoffs. Miguel Caberra won the Triple Crown. And the team the Tigs are playing won the AL West on the last day. The Oakland A's. And a pitcher for that team experienced the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows in a 24 hour period.
Tigers 2006 Hero Maggilo Ordonez Retiring.
The Tiger that was many fans "Tiger" is hanging it up. The hero of the 2006 American League Championship series Magglio Ordonez is retiring this weekend with a ceremony at Comerica Park. The image of the homer he hit to send the Tigs to the World Series only three years after the t…

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