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Michigan Man Says a Drive-Thru Worker Broke His Finger [Video]
It wasn't a chicken finger either. Although I'd be kinda mad too if someone messed with my chicken finger but this was an actual finger.
FOX 2 Detroit says that a Roseville man went to Tim Horton's on Saturday morning to buy a coffee but all hell broke loose when he went up to the wind…
Burger King, Tim Horton’s: The Merge!
You probably have heard that two food giants, Burger King and Tim Horton's, are going to become an even BIGGER food giant.
The combined BurgerHortons will be the third biggest restaurant chain, behind Subway and McDonald's. Impressive.
Tim Hortons Coming to Downtown Grand Rapids
I remember saying years ago that downtown GR needed 2 things - a real grocery store, especially a Whole Foods or even a Meijer or Family Fare. The other thing I said we needed was a TIM HORTONS.
Well my friends, we're half way there. The...