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Matt And Craig Meet Clark Kent!
So Matt and I talked about a couple of corporate guys who were int own this week. And one looked just like Clark Kent and the other like Justin Timberlake. So after they went on about these guys, a few femaile members of the WFGR Listening Family wanted to know what they looked like. The actual response was "You have to post pics of those hotties" So, without further adieu, here is the a
Townsquare Media Wins 10K In Mega Millions!
Everytime either the Mega Millions or Powerball goes over 100 million dollars, we here at Townsquare Media Grand Rapids put together a little office pool to try and win. Of course if you work at a McDonalds in Maryland, maybe that's not such a good idea. One of the three big jackpot winners has come forward and said it's her ticket. But she was part of a pool with her other McDonalds employees, an