10 Things To Do this Weekend: October 26-28, 2018
This is the last weekend before Halloween (which is next Wednesday). There are a lot of Halloween themed activities. We also have activities for the dogs this weekend. We have comedy, food, toys, birds of prey, Paula Adbul, and a chance to get rid of any old prescriptions you might have.
Kids are Choking on Their Fidget Spinners
It's the hottest toy on the market right now but now parents are stepping forward warning other parents to be careful because it could lead to a choking hazard.
WXYZ Detroit reports that a 3-year-old boy from Dearborn was taken to the hospital on Wednesday after he swallowed a piece of the fidge…
This Guy has Super Slick Slinky Skills [Video]
I know what you're thinking ... what in the world? How can you have slinky skills? This guy is proclaimed as a 'slinky master' I'm somewhat sad to say he does not send a slinky down a stairwell, instead he does some weird (and hypnotic) techno-dance with the children's toy.
Classic Holiday Toys Then And Now!
It's that time of year...the most wonderful time of the year! Time for the holidays and toys and kids. Of course these days, the toys are different from when WE were kids. All electronic and video and new. When I was a kid, we had toys, not little computers. Here's a look at some classic t…

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