Cadbury To Change Creme Egg Recipe!
Whenever I see the name "Cadbury" I always think of the butler from the Richie Rich comic books. I used to collect those as a kid (No, I'm not a Marvel fan) So when I saw this horrific story, I started to remember my days a youth growing up on the mean streets of Portage.
Fans Berate Hunter Pence with Mean Signs
Hunter Pence is a baseball player with the San Francisco Giants.
He has become a popular and successful player with the team. His great play on the field and quirkiness off has endeared him to Giants fans and others across the country.
Craig Lives His Life Vicariously Through Social Media
II will be the first to admit it. I have some friends on social media I have never met in real life. They are friends just online. They are either people who work in radio in other cities, so we have something in common. Or they write blogs that I read and enjoy often.
The Human Race, As A Whole, Is Over.
I'm sorry to all the Townsquare Media web honchos, including our own Rick Martinez. That title isn't very search friendly, or what have you. But there's no way to describe the following picture from Twitter without burying my head in my hands and wondering "what's next?&…

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