‘That’s One Small Step For Man, …’ [Video]
It was 45 years ago today. At 10:56 p.m., as over a billion people watched on TV, the first human landed on the moon: Neil Armstrong, a Purdue University graduate born in Ohio.
Some have argued Apollo 11's moon landing on July 20, 1969, was all a hoax, and others think it was one of the greatest acc…
Goalie Tim Howard, of the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team, set a record for saves at the World Cup with 16 in the United States' 2-1 loss to Belgium on Tuesday in Brazil.
He was so good at saving goals that a meme started on Twitter, which started implying he could save everything: from the…
Cheer on Team USA in GR!
The U.S. Men's National Soccer Team plays in one its most important international games in a long time when it takes on Belgium today in the World Cup.
And you, being the fun-loving patriotic American that you are, can cheer the team on in Grand Rapids!
World Cup: U.S. 2, Portugal 2
Silvestre Varela scored on the last kick of the ball in the 95th minute, and Portugal tied the United States, 2-2, in the teams' second match of 2014 FIFA World Cup play at Manaus, Brazil on Sunday.
John Brooks scored on a header in the 86th minute, and the United States beat Ghana, 2-1, in the teams' first game of 2014 FIFA World Cup play at Natal, Brazil on Monday.