A Great Compilation Of Photos Of The Night Sky In The UP [Video]
I'm originally from the UP. It sucks because I'm not able to go back home and visit as much as I'd like to. My family all being there is, of course, my favorite part of the UP, but my second favorite part is highlighted in this video. The thing that you never notice when you live in the city is that you can never see all of the stars. There's too much light here, and it drowns out a lot of the sma
Man Builds Real Life “UP” Movie House
Wow, this guy is totally nuts!   Or Is he? Check out this Guy who made this real life house based on the movie "Up"!  It's really kind of cool, but also quite insane I would say!   The house looks fairly functional actually.  Check it out for yourself...
Music Sales up for the First time Since 2004!
Okay, most of us are big music fans, but this is an interesting Tidbit... U.S. music album sales grew in the first six months of the year from a year ago, the first gain since 2004, thanks to rising sales of digital tracks and albums - Makes you wonder if over the last 7 years people have just been "Stealing" music digitally or what the cause was.
Yep – You Can Tax Anything
And you thought your taxes were bad... While they may only apply to a limited number of people, or even a single state, a blogger for TurboTax found taxes that are just plain weird.