Christmas Shopping Primer/Countdown
Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone. So have Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.
After all, you've only got until Christmas Eve to do your shopping for Christmas.
Here's a list of some stores and restaurants to visit as you continue your Christmas shopping.
Missing Texas Boy Found Living In Walmart [Video]
I have to admit, hanging out and "living" in a large retail store would probably be kinda fun.
Like when sitcom TV characters are locked in some sort of funny predicament. Fonzie and the gang locked in Mr. C's vault in Cunningham Hardware. The "Friends" frien…
I Couldn’t Be The Only One Who Sees This?
I notice who people look alike. Alot. Whether it's someone walking down the street or on TV. If you look like someone I will figure it out. And for the longest time, I have been trying to figure out who the Wal Mart Steak and Fresh Over guy looks.
Woman in Bikini Told to Cover up at Wal-Mart
An Oregon woman says she was told to put a shirt over her bikini top while shopping at Wal-Mart or leave the store! What? BOOO!!!!
I guess a  store employee confronted her and claimed she may be violating health regulations. Which regulation is that? Being hot?