Hot! An “I Love The 80’s Weekend!”
Its another great West Michigan weekend! The weather is supposed to be nice and perfect for relaxing! And when the weather is warm and the windows are down, crank up the sound track of your summer! An “I Love the 80′s Weekend!” Brought to you by The Williams Outlet!…
It’s A Super 70’s Weekend On WFGR!
This weekend is something new on WFGR. And something old again as well. It's the first weekend of Summer, and it's supposed to be warm! And what better way to celebrate a Hot summer weekend then with WFGR!
Do You Wanna Get Rocked? Rock Of Ages Is Out!
A shirtless Tom Cruise? Alec Baldwin as...well NOT as Jack from 30 Rock? And all kinds of 80 hair bands and rock til you drop music? Must be Rock of Ages, the hit musical from Broadway now on the big screen! This is going to be the movie, along with the Magic Mike movie, that 98% of women in this co…