GR: Free Wine Tastings
Why wait until Wednesday for some wine tasting? Enjoy some free wine after work on Mondays.
House of Wine is open for business on 53 Monroe Center St NW right next to Brick & Porter. They were one of the lucky businesses downtown that only had spray paint and no broken windows and that's…
Wine Weds Idea Reserve is Re-Opening
If you're really craving a great meal and some great wine for Wine Weds - here's some great news. The Reserve in downtown Grand Rapids is re-opening starting tomorrow.
Arguably the best wine list available by the glass and in flights. And to ensure everyone's safety there will be …
Wines That Rock for Wine Wednesday
Working from home for almost 50 days can put a dent in your wine collection.
So for this Wine Wednesday this week - I went looking for some gems. Who am I kidding my wine rack is getting sparse...seriously. So I may be getting a little desperate or not motivated enough to go over to the Bridge Street…
Wine Wednesday – Why Merlot?
Giving you a head start on Wine Wednesday by going out on a limb and suggesting Merlot.
I know you think you don’t like Merlot and that’s all because there was a movie called “Sideways” starring Paul Giamatti whose famous quote“If…

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