Ted Turner’s End of the World Video
JoJo Girard and I both went to Central Michigan. At CMU before the politically correct 1990s, the annual Central/Western weekend (when WMU and CMU played the home football game in Mt. Pleasant) was also the home of the "End of the World" party. Ahh those were the days!
When A Mentor Passes Away.
One of my broadcasting mentors passed away. I haven't seen Scotty Wilson in over 25 years. Thats what happens. People from High School--especially educators--aren't seen often. Sure we have reunions, but most teachers dont come to reunions. Even so, when they pass, it still makes you think…
Wanna See A Movie? GR Film Fest Is On Now!
With "30 Minutes or Less" opening this weekend, Grand Rapids film making is in the forefront of the local art scene. So what better way to celebrate Grand Rapids film making then by checking out the Grand Rapids Film Fest. Tonight through Friday on the Grand Rapids campus of Wester…

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