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A Look Back: Roaring '20s Pizza & "PM Magazine"
There was a time back in the 80s when we had some cool options for food and entertainment. We could head off to Tootsie Van Kelly's in the Amway, Village Inn Pizza for pizza and a banjo and piano sing along, or go to Roaring 20's Pizza and enjoy good pizza pie and some organ music and sile…
November 5th Is Election Day!
Yes it's not a sexy Presidential election day or even an off year Senate and House election day. It's a really Off off year election day. With lots of City commission and drain commissioner races, will you even bother?
“The Calder Cup Comes To The Calder City”
That's Channel 13's headline for the story about the Calder Cup Rally that happened at Van Andel Arena earlier Wednesday night. I really couldn't top it. It just fits. The 50 year pro hockey championship drought spanning the Rockets to the Owls and now the Griffins ended last night in…
WZZM’s Alana Nehring Gets Help With The Weather!
You might not have heard of The Fur Circus, but if you watched TV 13's news Saturday morning, or went to the Saturday Griffins game, you are in the know!
The team of furry fun mascots that do a circus like show were on Channel 13 with Jennifer Pascua and Meteorologist Alana Nehring.
Fast Food Dollar Menu’s–My Best Friends!
Yes it's true. The dollar menu at my local fast food joint is the prefect way to get a quick cheap lunch. Changes, however, are a-comin. And I have to be honest, im not really a big fan. And the folks at TV 13 are right there with me.
Former Kentwood Mayor Dies Days After Leaving Office.
Sad news over the weekend from Kentwood. Former Mayor Richard Root passed away on Friday night after a long battle with melanoma. Root was diagnosed over three years ago, and just had stepped down as Mayor this past week. The new mayor of Kentwood, Richard Clanton, was sworn into office Tuesday.
Winter Storm Warning For WFGRLand!
The weather gods are playing another cruel joke on us. First the 8 inches of snow we have had all winter long, and now that it's almost Spring, why not a Winter Storm Warning! According to WZZM TV 13 we could get upwards of 6-8 inches in the Grand Rapids area between tonight and tomorrow mornin…
Team WFGR Pasta Eating Contest!
I was at the Family Fare in Grandville for the Spartan Stores Smart Pasta eating contest. It was simple. Some members of the media would have to be the quickest to eat 3 cups of pasta for the chance to donate $1,000 to the charity of their choice. Although I'm a bigger guy, I'm far from a …
Fred Meijer Has Died.
Numerous media outlets, including our broadcast news partner WZZM TV 13, have reported that Fred Meijer, the head of the Meijer store chain, has passed. He died earlier Friday of a brain hemorrhage. Meijer was 91.

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