Bozo’s Big Top Brings Back a lot of Memories
Here is more classic "live and local" TV from years past, and it's non other than Bozo the Clown!
Bozo's Big Top ran for many, many years on WZZM TV13, and was a part of so many children and their families lives. Who doesn't remember being on the Bozo Show and in the …
'Shark Tank' Pitch
I have talked about it before: "Shark Tank" is one of my TV guilty pleasures.
It's on Friday nights on ABC, so I miss it sometimes, like many people do. They also rerun it on CNBC weeknights. Bingo!
The other night a business from the Grand Rapids area was featured!
Elvis Died 34 Years Ago Today
It was the end of summer vacation in 1977. Back then we went back to school before Labor Day, so there was about 2 weeks left of summer fun. It was about 4 o clock in the afternoon. My mom was laying down taking a nap, or as she put, "resting". Then there was a special report on TV…

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