It’s Opening Day! Or Night! Let’s Get Pumped Up!
As it's the 20th Whitecaps home opener tonight, let's go back 5 more years, to 1989. The elder Bush was President, we didn't have to eat broccoli, and the World Series was interrupted by the San Francisco earthquake. And a little baseball movie was released on April 7.
A Tribute To Juliet Dragos
Not done by me! I mean Juliet is nice and all, but this is someone else's handiwork.
Actually I was tipped off to this Tumblr site from the WZZM Facebook page.
How they found out about it I'm not sure.
Election Day Results!
The polls in the East have closed, and ABC News can now predict the winner in Maine...It's Lobster for the State Crustation! Ha! But seriously, election day has ended. Here is the latest from Channel 13!
WFGR Retrovision: PM Magazine
Remember PM Magazine?  Remember Roaring 20's Pizza?   Remember mustaches in the early 1980's? We'll get ready to jump into a West Michigan Time Machine as we feature a clip of PM Magazine from WZZM 13 from 1982 - and even take a peek at the great retro commercials, Feat…
Grand River Flooding Expected To Get Worse [VIDEO]
Flooding in Michigan Rivers, including the Grand River through Grand Rapids, is expected to get get worse in the next 72 hours. One to three inches of new rain is expected to send flood stages well above normal levels by the weekend. The area has already experienced above average rainfall totals, co…
Dish Network Viewers Might Lose WZZM Monday!
Now would be the time to get the rabbit ears out! If you are a Dish Network viewer, you might want to have an alternate way to see "Dancing with the Stars" or "The WZZM Morning News."
Dish and WZZM's parent company Gannett Broadcasting are in a retransmission …
Tax Day 2012 In Grand Rapids!
Welcome to Tax Day 2012, Grand Rapids Style. It used to be in good ol' days, the Post Office would stay open til Midnight, with postal workers out at the curb so last minute citizens could toss their completed return into a mail cart right up until midnight. The American spirit of paying taxes …
Today Is “National Hug A Newsman Day”!
OK I have to admit. If I'm going to follow through on the day today, by hugging a newsman. I wouldn't be hugging a newsMAN. I'd be hugging a Meteorologist. I took a meteorology class in school and have always been interested in weather and the such.

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