Woman Fails to Solve Ridiculously Easy Math Problem (Video)
I will admit that math is not my suit. Somehow I made it through high school trig, but these days, ask me anything about a "tangent" or a "co-sign" and I will certainly stare blankly back at you. But even I knew the answer to this brainbuster: "How long  does it take to driv…
4 Super Satisfying Videos Featuring Lots of Breaking Bottles
There's something deeply satisfying about watching a ton of bottles breaking at the same time, especially when they are filled with expensive booze. Here are some videos of massive disasters, inspired by this week's surveillance camera footage of a crazy lady knocking dozens of bottles onto the floo…
Stevie Nicks On The Bob And Tom Show
Stevie Nicks talked about her new album "In Your Dreams" on the Bob and Tom Show Monday.   Stevie’s brand new single is "Secret Love" the debut track from the upcoming In Your Dreams album being released May 3rd.

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