Camel Rides At John Ball Zoo
That's right, step right up - and take a camel ride at our own John Ball Zoo!  You could be one of the few, the proud to ride a camel in West Michigan! How any people can say they've done that? Plus, you can check out the super cute baby camel Henry...
Grand Rapids Zoo Gets A Train!
So I commented last week on the John Ball Zoo having a construction projection going on... Well,  guess what? It's for a A new railway which will offer a bird's eye view of the city. Very Cool! I wondered what was going on there - now we know!
Is The Grand Rapids Zoo Good Enough?
So everyday I drive past the John Ball Zoo on Fulton St. in Grand Rapids - and have noticed there seems to be some large construction project going on.  You might remember several years back there was a push to move the zoo out to the East Beltline, but it was put to a vote and it failed. I voted ag…