Dashcam footage of a person driving aggressively and paying the price.

Tail-gater gets brake-checked and crashes

I don't know what everybody was thinking. Part of me wants to assume the best, the other wants to assume the worst. Like what if the person tailgating was on the way to the hospital to see their parents, or significant other - or what if they REALLY had to potty? Or what if they're just mad the person is going slower than them in the fast lane and wants to get on their bumper to make them get over?

Either way, getting on their bumper wasn't the right call. Now, not only are they later than they would have been if they slowed down, or passed in right lane. But they will also be without their ride until it's out of the repair shop.

Oh, but the person driving slowly in the left lane? Total jerk. Seriously, just get over.

It's both type of drivers in this video who make me think self driving vehicles will be a thing, and a mandatory thing at that.

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