Wednesday the 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate Day". You know, Arrrhhhggg me mateys! Of course it's fun to talk like a pirate, getting free stuff for talking like a pirate is even better! The good folks at Krispy Kreme are rewarding you with free donuts for talking like, or looking like, a pirate Wednesday!

It's pretty simple, Walk into the Krispy Kreme on the Beltline by Centrepoint Mall, Or whatever it's called these days, and talk like a pirate. Bam! They will give you a free donut. Want even more free love? (And who doesn't?) Dress up like a pirate, walk into said Krispy Kreme, and get a FREE original Glazed Dozen Donuts! Right on!

Arrrgh! Does that count, albeit a little early? Here's a list of suggested saying from Krispy Kreme you can use.

- "Ahoy Matey!"
- "Blow Me Down!"
- "Heave Ho!"
- "Landlubber!"
- "Sea Dog!"
- "Thar She Blows!"
- "Yo Ho Ho!"


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