Welcome to Tax Day 2012, Grand Rapids Style. It used to be in good ol' days, the Post Office would stay open til Midnight, with postal workers out at the curb so last minute citizens could toss their completed return into a mail cart right up until midnight. The American spirit of paying taxes and waiting til the last minute was en vouge! Nowdays, not so much.

I tried to find the local Grand Rapids post office that was open last tonight. Not for myself, mind you, I have had my taxes done and refund spent since end of February. So I thought I would start with the Grand Rapids Press. MLive.com to be exact. I was sure there would be a story about tax returns and where to drop them off late tonight. But nope. Nothing. Zip. No story even about taxes at all. Not even one about a politician raising them!

Next I checked out our broadcast partner, WZZM TV 13. For sure they would have a story on post office hours or something, but no. They DID have a blurb about if you need tax help how the "ACSET Community Action Tax Center inside the Kent County Human Service Building on Franklin" is helping people file their taxes up until 8:30 tonight. But those will be e-filed. Which I'm sure lots of people are doing these days.

Last but not least, i went to the USPS website to see if they had any information...about their own locations. Again, not so much. They have a section that kind of helps, but it's pretty sparse. So my advice is, I hope you have filed already. If not, find someone with a computer or mail that extension before 5pm today! Good Luck and Good Taxes!

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