Good news, bad news, it’s April 15th, which every American knows means, TAX DAY.  The day when your tax returns are due.

That’s the “BAD NEWS” because you’re right, TAX DAY is here, but the good news is you actually have until 11:59 pm Tuesday, April 17th, to get your tax returns submitted without needing to file for an extension. So technically TAX DAY still isn’t quite here, but it’s thisclose!

The other piece of good news is that if you own Grand Rapids City Tax, you don’t have to have that in the mail/submitted until April 30th.  Just don’t be like me and forget until June to actually get it sent in.

The other good news is, WZZM 13 has compiled a list of businesses giving out deals on TAX DAY including McDonald’s, Hungry Howies, Sonic, Office Depot, and more… get that list HERE

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