I seem to remember there used to be more food specials on Tax Day. Maybe the marketing people at fast food places are either getting cheaper, or they are realizing people are just going in for the free stuff and not actually buying stuff. Like me.

There are 3 that I know of, and only 2 are in the West Michigan area. Kicking the list off is the actual free deal. Arby's has the "4th annual Free Curly Fry Tax Day Deal"

"The offer is good at Arby's restaurant nationwide and no purchase is necessary. You will however need to print out a coupon, which you can find on the Arby's website"

Next is a special at Sonic. Half price drinks and slushes all day long.

"The Tax Day deals keep rolling in and of course Sonic will be offering a promo on Tuesday, April 15th. All day on Tax Day get your drinks and Slushes at half price."

And for the one we don't have around here. At White Castle you get 15% off your entire order with a coupon.

"15% off your total White Castle purchase. You’ve got two days left to enjoy it!"

Of course the closest WC to West Michigan is Howell. 108 miles away. Gas Up...literally.

You have until midnight to E-File your return. Or mail it if you still do that sort of thing.


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