It's Tax Day, Do you know where your Tax Return is?

Some people had their stuff together and sent it in weeks, if not months ago. Others were up late last night, scrambling to finish.

According to a report on Newswise dot com, DePaul University professor Joseph Ferrari has actually dedicated his career to studying procrastination. And, he thinks it can be a serious problem.

He says, "Everyone procrastinates, but not everyone is a procrastinator."

His studies have shown that one person in five is a "chronic procrastinator." Leaving the dishes in the sink or waiting until the weekend to cut the grass is harmless, but someone who puts off responsibilities all the time has a real problem.

Chronic procrastinators are great excuse-givers, making such claims as "I work better under pressure" -- which generally turns out not to be true.


If you have procrastinated, the Grand Rapids Main Post Office will be open late tonight, until 11:30.

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