I'm not really sure what they were looking at to get that figure but seems like a lifetime of traffic.

That's A Lot Of Minutes

Tom Hillen of WOOD-TV 8 was giving his traffic report this morning when astute viewer Jeff Haywood noticed a bit of lengthy delay on the travel time from the Beltline to downtown, but I'm afraid he was off in his calculations.

Haywood posted a video on his Twitter feed this morning showing a graphic behind HIllen saying it would take 166,667 minutes to drive from the East Beltline to downtown, which Haywood commented as an 11-day delay.

But according to my calculations, that long of a delay would last almost 116 days. 115.74092 days to be precise.

Seeing Into The Future

Which means if you left Tuesday morning when that was posted, you would get there in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 9.

Hopefully, by that time, the Detroit Tigers would still be in contention, the Detroit Lions would have their newly acquired draft picks in training camp, and the Whitecaps would win their scheduled game in Dayton against the Dragons.

And maybe by then, this whole Ukraine issue will be ironed out, and gas prices would be falling at an alarming rate. Hey, one can dream!

Hillen had a sense of humor about the glitch, immediately Tweeting back to Haywood, "LOL!!! You can tell your boss it is my fault!"

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