What happens when one bridge in our area gets struck by passing semis 5 times since the beginning of the year?  Well, if you’re the 100th Street Overpass on US131, you get a Facebook page and share your pain.

Seriously, A) the 100th Street Overpass has been hit 5 times this year, in 2018, as of Thursday night.  B) as of Friday afternoon, someone created a page for the bridge called 100th Street Overpass and started off with their first post, a plea for truck drivers of:

which was shared 714 times.  Since that post the overpass account has continued to post status updates which are pretty funny, like:

Or after hearing the MDOT has plans to tear the overpass down and raise it in height by a little over 2 feet at some point this year (no real timeline was given),

As of Sunday night, over 4,300 people have liked 100th Street Overpass on Facebook.  The page has also gotten a lot of interaction with each of its posts. The reviews for the overpass get a bit weird and range from inspirational to disappointed that the bridge has sunk so low in life.  That last line felt weird writing, I do understand the actual bridge isn’t a person. I felt I needed to clarify that.

The page is currently boasting three days accident-free!  Let’s hope that streak can continue this next week.  If you need me, I’ll be wasting time on this page.