It was a story everyone picked up on when 5-year-old Michael Orlando Clark Jr. told his adoptive parents he wanted his entire kindergarten class at his adoption hearing on Thursday. Awesome because he said they were all his family and he wanted them at his big day.

Well, all the national news outlets picked up the story, it was on the Today Show, CNN, ABC News, and CBS News just to name a few, and then the biggest congratulations came in.  Former President Bill Clinton tweeted out his congratulations to Michael before also talking about the work he and Hillary had done for foster kids.

Congratulations to you and your family, Michael. This is a beautiful story. Our country could use more of it


As we reported earlier, Michael's adoption was one of 37 that happened this year in Kent County on the annual Michigan Adoption Day.

This is a perfect transition to on how you can make sure other foster kids in Kent County have gifts this Christmas with Connie and Fish's Christmas Kids:

During the months of November and December, there are usually over 90 children who will enter into the foster program in Kent County.  If you would like to help foster children in need this year, you can take part in a fantastic charity program (Connie and Fish Christmas Kids) to help these kids have a happier holiday by donating toys, books, school and art supplies, and other basic needs to foster families.  If you would like to find out how to donate or even how to become a foster parent, you can find more information here.

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