What fast food is every state in the union known for?

Why ask those questions when I have the answer?!

The good snarky folks at Thrillist have compiled a ranking of all 50 states listing them by the fast-food options available along with what fast food they are known for.

Michigan? We are in the top 10. Heck yeah we are!

Thrillist writes about Michigan, which finished No. 9:

'I decree: let there be a coney joint on every corner,' Mitten State founder Steve Michigan didn’t say, because he isn’t real. But the coney thing, well, that’s very, very real, as you can find a Michigan-made dog pretty much everywhere. And when your state’s as long as Michigan from wrist to the tip of the Upper Peninsula, 'everywhere' means a lot of land. But it’s not just hot dogs that make Michigan’s fast food exemplary: it’s also the abundance of local chains. Starting with National and other cultishly-beloved fast spots in the D (what up, Travis burgers!), a trip North gets you something different in every part of the state, from Halo Burger to Big John Steak & Onion and Freeway Fritz (selling Frankenmuth fried chicken) all the way up to grab-n-go pasties above the Mackinac. Michigan takes its car food seriously (understandable, given the automotive history).

And that’s to say nothing of the small-town burger joints that still host car cruises, poodle skirt-clad A&W servers, and tiny lakeside stands that aren’t just places to fill up, but rather places where memories (and diabetes) are passed down from generation to generation."

Thrillist reports this notable fact: "The Boston Cooler — a shake-like fast-food drink combining ice cream and Vernor’s ginger ale — is named not for Affleck country, but rather for the Detroit street."

So coneys, pasties and burgers. I will say that's a great start.

And the No.1 state? I will give you a hint: EVERYTHING is bigger down there.

Stuart Monk/ThinkStock