Admit have at least 7 friends. Even if you take the 6 "Friends" from "Friends", you are almost covered. has a list of the "The 7 Types of Friends Everyone Needs"...or has...Find how many on the list you have OR if you are one of the 7 types of "Friends"...As Mark Roberts says, "I know who I am, hopefully you know who you are!"

According to the website..."Just like a superhero team or jewel thief gang needs each member to specialize in a different skill set, a good circle of friends also needs a wide range of useful skills"

1. The friend with a pickup truck
2. The friend who "knows about computers"
3. The friend who can watch your kids or pets
4. The friend "in the industry" (what every the line of work you need)
5. The pushy friend
6. The friend who can find deals
7. The friend with (job) benefits (friends that get cool stuff/discounts from work) This one would be ME!