Groceries could hit rock bottom prices in the price war between the two major retailers, as WalMart opened another front in the war this weekend.

Aldi has long been known for low prices and quality food, thanks in part to “renting” your cart and bringing your own bags. Now Walmart wants some of their action.

Walmart is doing a price comparison test and the outcome could mean dirt cheap prices for everyone! The test is being run across 11 states, including Michigan, and so far it means serious price slashes.

The competition at these stores in some states is so intense that both competitors are selling a dozen large eggs for less than a dollar. A gallon of milk at some stores was priced at around $1.

Aldi's prices have generally been running lower than WalMart's over the past few years, but since the declaration of the new price comparison WalMart is winning the price check battle. Economic Times reports:

Spot checks by Reuters on a basket of grocery items sold by competing Aldi and Wal-Mart stores in five Iowa and Illinois cities showed Wal-Mart's bid to lower prices is already taking hold. Wal-Mart consistently offered lower prices versus Aldi, an improvement over recent analyst estimates that Wal-Mart's prices have been as much as 20 percent higher than Aldi on many grocery staples.

Whether this battle will drag in other local grocery chains like Meijer and Family Fare remains to be seen, but I'm all for a dollar gallon of milk.

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