Every celebrity who has done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has put their own spin on it.

Most celebs can speak with eloquence about such topics. Orlando Jones is one celeb.

"Orlando Jones Puts a Powerful Twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" tells how OJ hopes to end the violence in Missouri with his bucket.

"The Sleepy Hollow star's video begins like all of the others... until a cascade of golden bullets rains down over him. After noting that he is sending his $100 check to the ALS cause, he shifts gears.

"This past week I've watched an American city become something akin to a warzone," he begins. "And you know what's happening in Ferguson is a copycat because we've seen it happen in so many other cities around the world, and around the globe, which I think are the same thing."

He then summarizes the issue at hand very poignantly. "It's this sort of 'us' versus 'them' mentality."

With a somber tone, Jones laments, "Gandhi and Martin Luther King and millions of others are dead, and they were fighting for human rights, and it all seems to stem from some militarized police force threatening the rights of people to assemble."

Never would have guess the stoned guy from "Office Space" would make such good points. Good job Orlando.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images