As someone who is a Michigan State alumni this makes me a bit disappointed but I can't help but laugh.

Tyler Brecht, from Alma, just graduated from Michigan State University over the weekend but his academic achievements aren't the reason he's gone viral. It's what he wore under his green cap and gown.

Can you believe it?! I think I just puked a little bit.

According to MLive, even though Tyler attended college at Michigan State he has been a lifelong U of M fan, and it goes just beyond sports. Tyler's younger brother was born with a heart defect and was getting treatment at University of Michigan Health System.

Jordan has since passed away, but his parents became lifelong Michigan fans due to the care the doctors provided their son while he was alive. That loyalty was passed on to Tyler."

Okay, I can see why there would be a loyalty there. But why go to MSU than? Because Tyler's interest lies in agriculture and MSU is obviously known for their agriculture program. After four years, Tyler graduated with a degree in Animal Science and Agribusiness Management. MLive says he has taken a job as a sales rep for the company he was interning for.

Congrats to Tyler on his achievements but I imagine the fellow students at State did not make it easy for him when he revealed that he actually bleeds blue & maize. Ugh. I'm still puking LOL.

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