World's Greatest Invention

Three men were debating the greatest invention of all time.
The first man declared, "Why, it's got to be the wheel. Without the wheel, we'd go nowhere or move anything." 

"Hmph," said the second man. "The printing press brought the word to all people. Without words, we'd just be animals, so it has to be the printing press."
The two men looked at the third, who pondered the question and said, "The thermos bottle."

The other two men chuckled at the answer and asked why.
"Well," said the man "if you put something hot in it, an hour later, it's still hot. If you put something cold in it, an hour later, it's still cold."
"So what?" asked the other men. "How's that make it the greatest invention of all time?"
The third man replied, "The fact that it knows."

Submitted by Leslie Westmoreland on the Bob and Tom Show

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