I know Steve the Web Guy will love this story...even though he doesn't love baseball. He's a huge Lego fan, and I saw this on Channel 9 out of Chicago. A model of Chicago's Wrigley Field is on display at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville. In a word, it's Awesome!


The model is built with over 57,000 Lego's, and it appears to be over 7 feet long. According to WGN's story "Wrigley Field-Lego Sized" It's part of the Slugger Museum's "“Big Leagues, Little Bricks” exhibit, in Louisville, Kentucky. Out of all of the displays, the Wrigley sculpture used the most Legos.

The showing features 15 Lego creations in total, including other stadium replicas, player portraits, and baseball-related works of art.

I lived in Louisville for a year...i wish this was here when I was.