I know it seems cruel. That was my first reaction to this phenomenon. Then I thought about it some more and said, you know what? Science is cruel.

The famous TV "Mythbusters" even did a piece on these goats. The proper term is Myotonic (MY-uh-than-ick) goats. It is a genetic defect of some species of goats that causes them to stiffen-up when they are startled or excited. They are also referred to as "wooden leg goats" and that is what it appears that their legs do, turn to a piece of wood and fall over. The goats are not harmed in any way. They get right back up and carry on in a second or two.

But still... they are funny as hell to watch. I sat and watched YouTube clip after clip, laughing my rear-end off for hours last night.

But honest, this has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  I seriously, never knew there WAS such a thing!  I'm like a 5 year old in a planetarium for the first time.  More!  More!  More!