It has not been a good year for businesses along Chicago Drive in Grandville.

At the end of June, we learned of the closing of the Grandvilla Restaurants. They had been in business for almost 90 years. The owners of The Villa and The Dungeon said that the COVID pandemic took its toll on the business. The owners also added:

It's been a true blessing to be such a staple in the Grandville area and we will always and forever cherish each and every one of you.

You can read more about the closing of the Grandvilla Restaurants here.

Bad News and Good News for Record Lovers

If you are a lover of old vinyl records you have probably been to The Corner Record Shop in Grandville. It is located just down the street from the now closed Grandvilla Restaurants.

Corner Record Shop
Photo: Corner Record Shop via Facebook

First the bad news...

The Corner Record Shop made an announcement on social media Tuesday, August 2nd that they will soon be closing down their Grandville location -- at 3562 Chicago Drive. You can read more about this location here.

Now the good news...

The Corner Record Shop is not closing down its business for good. Instead, they are relocating just a mile from the Chicago Drive location. The new home will be in the Oakestown Mall at 2982 28th St. SW.


Have You Ever Moved Records?

If you have any vinyl records in your collection, you know how heavy they can get when you box them up and relocate them. With thousands of vinyl LPs and 45s, along with hundreds of used CDs and DVDs, VHS, 8-Track Tapes, and Cassettes -- the Corner Record Shop has a lot of inventory to pack up and move.

In an effort to lighten the load just a bit, they are having a big moving sale!


Corner Record Shop
Photo: Corner Record Shop via Facebook

What About the Circuit Shop?

The location on Chicago Drive also includes the Circuit Shop upstairs. Many have taken their speakers there for repair. The Circuit Shop is also moving out of its current location. They will located just down the street at 2870 Ottawa Avenue in Grandville.

We look forward to seeing the new locations up and running soon!


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