The 'stay-at-home' mandate is kind of loosely enforced, but the data shows Michigan is staying in better than other states. 

The data company Unacast has issued a Social Distancing Scorecard, and Michigan has gotten an 'A' so far for our efforts.

The funny thing is, we were getting an A well before Governor Whitmer's mandate to stay at home. Michigan has traveled 45% less from our homes than before February 28, the first date measured by the company. But the measurements only go through Saturday, March 21. The Stay-At-Home mandate didn't kick in until Tuesday at midnight.

Unacast uses mobile phone device location data to figure out who's moving and who isn't.

We had the most tweets since March 1 using terms  and hashtags like 'get high', 'smoke weed', and other references to using reefer.

Wait, why are you here again? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be looking something else! You're high, aren't you?





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