Unfortunately a bald eagle in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has died due to lead poisoning.

According to WOOD, a bald eagle was rescued in Chocolay Township but has dies from suspected lead poisoning.

Co-founder of the Chocolay Raptor Center, Jerry Maynard, says the full grown bald eagle had been found in the woods near Iron River on Saturday. The person who found the bird brought it to the Raptor Center Monday. A veterinarian did an X-ray on the majestic bird and discovered lead pellets were in the stomach.

The veterinarian was not sure how the lead pellets were in the eagles system.

Maynard was going to send the bird for rehab to Wisconsin at Wild Instincts which is a rehabilitation center. When he went to prepare the bird for travel he discovered that the eagle had died.

According to Maynard the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will be doing an autopsy to try and confirm the actual cause of death.

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