The NBA Developmental League, of which the Grand Rapids Drive is a member, has long been affectionately known as 'The D-League'. Not anymore.

Now it's the G-League, and the 'G' doesn't stand for Grand Rapids.

The NBA announced yesterday announced thy have sold the naming rights to the league to Gatorade. Yup, the whole league will become the Gatorade League, or the G-League beginning next season. It is the first time a US professional sports league has been named after a product.

According to the propaganda on the League's web site, the League will become a giant science experiment which will benefit the players.

Through the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), the sports fuel company will collaborate with the NBA G-League on programs to enhance player sports performance and recovery. Since 1985, GSSI has helped athletes optimize their sports performance and well-being through research, education, innovation and providing high-caliber sports nutrition science services. GSSI scientists will partner with the NBA G-League on player nutrition and training programs, incorporating the newest technology and innovations in Gatorade testing, product and equipment.

That's a whole lot of gobbledegook to say they will be making the players in the league only rehydrate with Gatorade's sugary drinks.

The partners will also collaborate on custom, behind-the-scenes video content which will capture NBA G-League players on their respective journeys, highlighting a shared commitment to enhancing performance through innovation.

"Enhancing performance through innovation"? It almost reads like a parody piece from the Sports Pickle web site. You know, the same site that said Jim Harbaugh has hired a golden retriever as running backs coach. (Which is pretty darn funny).

The League is currently off for the NBA All Star break. The Drive's season resumes February 22 against the Long Island Nets at the Deltaplex.

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