Huh, what do you know, it is that time of year.

Q: Is there anything worse than getting a flu shot? A: Yes, getting the flu.

How nice of the Griffins taking a moment to remind us that it is time to get your yearly flu shot.

I'm ashamed to admit it, there are years I completely forget to get the shot. Some of those years I dodge the flu bullet. Other years it's a bullseye to the old lungs.

But lets be honest, getting a flu shot is quick, easy, and comparatively painless. Having the flu sucks. I mean think about it. You're bedridden until you're out of sick days. Then you suffer at work.

Where as, you get the flu shot, and sure, your arm hurts for a few days. But it beats the heck out of running fevers and whatnot.

Unless you're allergic to eggs or whatever. Then it's bad news bears.

What? I'm not a doctor! You shouldn't take medical advice from a radio DJ. Your mama should have brought you up better than that!

So, unless you like laying in bed sipping on chicken noodle soup be a responsible adult and get your flu shot.

Now thanks to the griffins you know what to do...

Eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup while binge watching a netflix show. Because I probably deserve a day off, right? Getting a flu shot like a responsible adult.


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