Hang ten! The Great Lakes Surf Festival has taken place in Muskegon since it started in 2018 and now it's planned again for Saturday, August 14 at Pere Marquette Park.

If you'd like to learn how to surf, paddleboard or practice yoga on the beach, this is your chance at the 3rd annual event. Event co-founder Joe Bidawid said in a statement as reported by Mlive,

"We have one of the most beautiful venue locations on the Great Lakes, in Pere Marquette Beach, and we encourage anyone interested in a fun and family friendly beach day to come out and join us."

The event also features music, food and a raffle with paddleboards, surf boards and trip to Costa Rica as prizes. Larry Larsen will be at the event. Larry is a local surfer from Muskegon, Michigan who has been surfing Muskegon and the rest of the Great Lakes since 1966. Larry will answer all of our questions about what it’s like to be a Great Lakes Surfer.

When surfing the Great Lakes, it is important to dress appropriately (that means a wetsuit or drysuit), have a proper board (thicker for freshwater surfing), and be prepared for unexpected conditions.

The sheer size of the Great Lakes is what makes surfing on them possible. Waves on the Great Lakes are formed by localized winds. Michigan.org says to follow these 3 steps if you're planning to surf the Great Lakes:

  • Check the Weather Conditions

  • Get the Right Equipment

  • Learn the Moves

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